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Dr Harry J. Bury Interview – His Fascinating Life & A Vision For A Better Future Through Peace & Unity


Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Harry J. Bury on behalf of

While this interview was not related to cryptocurrency, it was an awesome opportunity to learn from someone who has dedicated his life to work towards peace in the world.

Many of the concepts discussed can apply to any community, and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to garner some wisdom.

Dr. Bury lives a fascinating life, and has played a key role in inspiring and facilitating peace around the world. A priest, professor, world traveler, and activist, Dr. Bury has had a extraordinary story and an important message to share.

Some notable life experiences of Dr. Bury:

  • Arrested at the Pentagon in 1969,
    Chained to the gates of the American Embassy in Saigon in 1971,
    Served at the side of Mother Teresa in Calcutta in 1971,
    Arrested by Swiss Guards for saying Mass on the steps of the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome in 1971,
    Participated in the release of American POWs in Vietnam in 1972,
    Con-celebrated Mass with Pope John Paul II at Mother Teresa’s Beautification Mass in 2004,
    Kidnapped at gunpoint in Gaza in 2005, and
    Awarded the key to Ho Chi Minh City in gratitude for his efforts to end the war in 2014.
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And now, he is playing a role in organizing a movement for peace in the Twin Cities, learn more at:

More information about events planned September 21-30: is happy to stand in solidarity of support of the Twin Cities Non-Violent movement.

Watch the interview below for an insight on Dr. Bury’s vision for a new paradigm of peace, and an more details about the 10 days of events organized in the Twin Cities to promote non-violence:

Some Photos From His Home and Our Visit: