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Cryptocurrency Market Roars Back To Life!


Aug 17, 2018

Huge Day For Cryptocurrency As Markets Rebound!

After a long downtrend, cryptocurrencies across the board are experiencing a rebound.

At the time of writing, only two coins remain in the red on binance.

Traders are buying bullishly with bitcoin and altcoins experience double digit percentage gains.

After weeks of extreme FUD from many media outlets, finally it appears and upward correction is taking place.

Bitcoin, along with most altcoins have had a sustained downtrend for the past 6 months, after a massive year of growth.

During this time, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, programmer’s, etc have continued to spur on mass adoption, new exchanges, and technological development of cryptocurrency.

In 2013, the bitcoin price “bubble” burst due to centralization of exchanges and lack of use and accessibility.

This time around it is much different, with over 100 active exchanges, and a multitude of online and in-person retailers accepting cryptocurrency.

Today’s green market may be a signal of what’s to come next!


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