Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Mining Enviorment

How Bitcoin Mining Subsidizes Green Energy & Funds Advancement of Science & Technology


Bitcoin Mining Is Leading The Way For The Advancement of Science, Technology, And Green Energy

Here’s How:

Surplus electricity from wind, hydro, and traditional power plants is often wasted if it can not be sold to the grid. This surplus energy can be monetized via bitcoin mining, thus subsidizing the cost of green energy facilities(rather than placing the burden on tax payers with green energy subsidies). New ways of storing this energy are being developed, however current batteries can be inefficient and harmful to the environment to produce.

Bitcoin/cryptocurrency mining provides not only provides direct inventive for the advancement of alternative energy, but also the advancement of computer processors. Data centers of computer severs(hard drive storage) is already a common productive asset of the digital age. Now, data processing centers are the new wave of digital age assets. Bitcoin mining directly funds these data processing centers. These computers can be repurposed for a variety of uses, including simulations and modeling for the medical field, cloud computing, and endless blockchain applied uses. Countries which restrict bitcoin mining will have a fundamental disadvantage in the evolving digital age, as they well fall behind in data processing assets.

While the world is still largely dependent on fossil fuels, new sources of energy, such as geothermal, can power the future. The earth is basically a giant regenerating battery, with more thermal energy stored as heat inside the earth’s core than humankind could ever need. Geothermal, along with hydroelectric, wind, solar, and tides can fuel the future of bitcoin mining, but electric vehicles, and more.

Powers that be which which feel threatened by bitcoin, or want to usurp global hegemony, may attempt to demonize bitcoin mining under the guise of environmentalism. They may wish to pursue global governance to restrict individual and national sovereignty. However, this can never happen, due to decentralized blockchain technology. The risks of continuing debt-based fiat currency systems far outweigh the benefits of cryptocurrency/blockchain powered alternatives, which can also help level the playing field of the global economy.

It’s hard to say what the future holds decades from now, but what is for sure: through advancements in technology, economy, science and community building (locally and globally) the future can be awesome.

There can be a symbiotic relationship between cryptocurrency mining and advancements to protect the environment whiling funding the future of technology.


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