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Interview With isleFin CEO Lomo Mao Part 1: China Considering Bank Issued Cryptocurrency


isleFin is a Beijing based finance and economics media company offering worldwide cryptocurrency and blockchain information.

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CEO Lomo Mao has been in the media industry for over 5 years, and is an experienced entrepreneur. His experience in media includes working for MSN,, and a financial news company. During his career, Lomo organized his own editor team, and held many advanced conferences in the stock investment field. He owned a stock investment service platform dubbed 好牛金福.

The conversation was facilitated with translations by Deputy Editor Jingxuan Hao, whom also manages manages their English language media.

During Lomo Mao’s introduction, Lomo explained he sees blockchain as a “mixture of both financial markets and technology“.

Peter Galanko: “What role do you see blockchain technology playing in the future of international business?”

Lomo Mao/Jingxuan Hao: “We think blockchain technology and also cryptocurrencies of .. international business .. is playing a role .. day by day. For example you can see this kind of Bitcoin ATM in the United States, like in Chicago, and you can really pay with Bitcoin in Japan for electronic devices, so it’s very convenient.”

Currently I think there is a large space to develop, and for the whole blockchian technology and cryptocurrency there is a lot of space. So, yep, there’s the future.

Peter Galanko: “Specifically in China, what role do you think cryptocurrency may play in the future?”

Lomo Mao/Jingxuan Hao: “Right now you know China has banned the ICO and alternative currency transactions(exchanges) so it’s very tight the environment here. But the China Chinese government is really supportive on the development of blockchain technology because it can be applied to traceability and logistics.”

You can see many giant firms in China .. Alibaba and Tencent .. have their own blockchain projects already”
“for now we don’t think there’s a clear sign that China will open the door for cryptocurrency.. In the near future I think there will be a great development only solely in blockchain technology, but yeah we can see.”
“Also for central bank issued cryptocurrency..  the Bank of China is considering about this. So for China can maybe cryptocurrency will be regulated by a central government I think that’s indeed”

Part two transcripts coming next, and later an editorial based on the interview.


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