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Bitcoin Casinos Are Turning The Tables, Letting You Become The House


A Thrill For Players, A Spring Of Wealth For Entrepreneurs

Online bitcoin casinos are changing the way we gamble. They allow for fast discreet deposits, and fast and easy payouts(forget wire transfers and money orders).

Bitcoin is win-win for players that enjoy the thrill and easy way to cash out. Plus, bitcoin is great for gaming providers who no longer have to jump through hoops to accept fiat payments.

Bitcoin provides protection for the house from charge backs, adds a level of privacy for the players, and provides an easier way to withdraw winnings.

Take a look at some real live game play on VegasCasino, a leading bitcoin online casino:

In this case, the player won big. But as they always say:

“The House Always Wins”

At least, most of the time.

Whether or not you enjoy casino games, you could still win big from an online casino. You can become the house.

Through affiliate marketing, you can “become the house”, and earn a share of proceeds from players you refer.

With enough referrals, you can even earn up to 50% of the profits.

A great opportunity, as you never have to worry about the headaches of server fees/overhead, technical issues, customer service, or any of pains of running a business. You simply just send others to the site, and share in the proceeds.

With VegasCasino it’s simple to get started. Just sign up first for a player account(affiliate payments are paid to your player account bitcoin wallet), sign up as an affiliate, and then share your link.

This is a great opportunity anyone can take advantage of, and can be the perfect means to earn bitcoin.

Once you have signed up, simply share your referral link on platforms such as: twitter, youtube, facebook, your personal blog/website, or email anyone you’d think would be interested.

You could even buy your own domain name, set up a URL redirect, and hand out business cards with your URL at bitcoin meetups. Be creative! Keep creating content, and you keep getting sign ups.

It can take just one big cryptocurrency whale to earn big.

This opens doors to making the casino industry easier to enter for the average person, as setting up a physical casino can obviously be prohibitively expensive and difficult.

The affiliate method evens the playing field, and allows anyone to have a piece of the cake.

Remember, if you choose to gamble, never play with money you can’t afford to lose. If you have a gambling problem, seek help!

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