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How To Earn Money Promoting The Use Of Cryptocurrency


The Dream Job

Want to help promote use of cryptocurrency?

Want to inspire people to be fit and active?

Want to get earn money doing it?

Congratulations, this opportunity is for you.

DIOXYME athletic supplements company is not just leading the way in quality, but also leading the way for the future of payment systems.

Started by a Hockey Player and Doctor with a dream to provide a high quality product, and inspire active healthy lifestyles, DIOXME is setting the bar in the realm of supports nutrition.

DIOXME provides a way to be your best, and earn money while promoting VergeCurrency.
The ultimate health and fitness affiliate program that accepts cryptocurrency payments.

What do they sell?

  • Protein Powder
  • Muscle Protein Optimizer
  • Energy & Focus Supplement
  • Omega 3 Fish Oil
  • Fat Loss Stacks
  • Vitamins For Men & Women
  • Apparel

And more!

How To Earn Money While Promoting Verge Currency

You can help encourage the mass adoption of cryptocurrency payments, specifically XVG, with the opportunity to earn money while doing it. Heres how:

Step 1:

Click Here to apply to become a DIOXYME affiliate.

Be sure to include “” in the “how did you find us?” field.

Verge Currency accepting affiliate program.
Sign up to the affiliate program, earn commission for your sales. Let people know Verge Currency is an accepted payment method!
Now you are on the fast track to be approved.

Next, check your email for a link to sign up to the affiliate back end.

Step 2:

Once both your diplomat application, and your affiliate application have been approved, you are ready to start promoting DIOXME products while simultaneously promoting the mass adoption of Verge Currency.

How to start affiliate marking athletic supplement products.
Copy the URL of any page of the website to create a custom affiliate link.
Step 3:

Spread the word.

Share your links anywhere, Twitter, YouTube, FaceBook, etc.

Let people know about DIOXYME’s great products, as well as the fact they accept Verge Currency payments.

For every sale you refer to them, you will earn commission while also promoting the use of Verge Currency.

Of course, you will receive credit for sales made with payment types aside from XVG as well, but giving people the option to use Verge is the first step.

A great way to start is by ordering a product and then doing an unboxing video, and a review video, on YouTube.

Stay tuned to CryptographicMonitor for more opportunities to earn money promoting the use of cryptocurrency, and vendors which support them.

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