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Verge Community Insight: RSK Integration, TPAY/LTC Alliance, New Updates, And Much More


Content provided by guest contributor: Amir Aligorgi – follow him on twitter here: @AmirAligorgi for Verge community updates, and more!


A truly decentralized project working with some of the most talented minds

Why do I say this?

Has anyone heard of RSK smart contracts? (The world’s most secure smart contract)

They are a very well respected, well-funded project working, and are with some of the world’s best scientists and engineers.

RSK recognized the talent of Justin Vendetta (Verge lead developer) and reached out to Verge so they can work together. How’s that for massive credibility and trust for Verge!?

RSK will be integrated into Verge and as a result Verge will reap all of the technological benefits including: Being able to deploy or build any dApp onto Verge. This will give Verge the best of both worlds: privacy, as well as some of the key features it needs to compete with/possibly overtake Ethereum and EOS.

Even better, soon RSK will launch Lumino. A combination of the best features of Lighting and Raiden network. Verge will also be able to achieve decentralized cross chain trading via Saturn Network

Various existing and new dApps are either already being planned to be moved over or be newly created once RSK is fully integrated into Verge. There will also be many other technological benefits that Verge will reap from RSK – for anyone that is interested to do more research here is the direct link – 

Why will Verge succeed?

The single most important mission for any project that has a working product is MASS ADOPTION.

Verge is always moving forward with the intention of mass adoption, with new vendors adopting the currency on a near daily basis.

Apart from getting on new exchanges, how does a project reach those who are outside of the crypto community? For one, there constant community new exposure to the public through various social platforms. Another factor which is invigorating mass adoption is the facilitating ease of use and open access for all. A major factor which is making that a reallity is the Verge partnership with TokenPay. TokenPay acquired 9.9% of a German bank, with the option of acquiring and even larger share in the future. This interest in WEG Bank has since been transferred to LiteCoin Foundation, which has partnered with TokenPay for to provide development assistance, creating a strategic technological alliance.

TokenPay CEO Derek Capo has been working tirelessly with regulators in order to make sure that Verge, Litecoin and TokenPay debit cards will be released. For any challenge that they have faced, a clear solution has been found and implemented, and the synergy of the three teams has only helped speed up this process.

What else is yet to come for Verge?

  • – New codebase, allowing up to 20,000 transactions per second
  • – Verge Dev (Justin Vendetta) Stated in a recent interview that the new codebase has been completed and that other Verge Dev members are now testing it prior to official release
  • – 3 NDA’s yet to be announced
  • – New Blackpaper (with additional 10-15 pages)
  • – Ring CT integration
  • – Official iOS wallet + updates
  • – I2P Android wallet – Mining update
  • – New Vendors
  • – New exchanges
  • – Merchandise store

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