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Swiss Stock Exchange To Offer Digital Assets Trading in 2019


Six company, which manages and controls the Swiss stock exchange, is set to launch the first fully regulated “exchange of coins” by the middle of next year.

The cryptoactive operator is called the Six Digital Exchange (SDX) and will be the first market infrastructure in the world to offer a full service that will include consulting for ICOs that are not classified as value-for-money.

Six Group spokesman Stephan Meier said in an interview with Swissinfo that the company would be technically capable of adding several digital assets to the platform.

“We will provide a secure environment for the issuance and trading of digital assets, and we will enable the tokenization of existing securities and assets that are not bankable to make these assets marketable,” says Meier.

Stephan Meier, however, says that “no decision has yet been taken on which specific products will be offered to list and market”, but ensured that each new digital asset will undergo a due diligence process, which will be important in deciding if it will be part of the offer or not.

Meier says it is necessary to establish “transparency and accountability in the crypto-world” that has been sought so much by market participants who want a reliable environment in which to “market and convert digital assets.”

To that end, it is still necessary to keep close consultation with regulators to see what has to be adjusted or even added to the legal framework and to consider whether “current regulations are sufficient or can be aligned with technical developments,” says Meier.

The fact that Six is ​​fully regulated as a Financial Market Infrastructure (IMF) operator by the Swiss Federal Financial Markets Authority (FINMA) and the Swiss National Bank – facilitates communication with these bodies. This, however, does not mean that Six will be able to easily take this supervisory and regulatory ecosystem to the digital asset market.

More Information Here: Six-Group

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